About the Company

European Protein Ukraine LLC was founded in 2016 as a joint venture between Agrolife GmbH (Germany) and Fermentationexperts AS (Denmark), the professionals with many years of experience in the production and distribution of feed additives.

Agrolife GmbH is a leading supplier of feed additives, oilseeds and grains to the EU countries and Ukraine.

Fermentationexperts AS is both an inventor and holder of many patents related to the innovative fermentation technology. The company is proud of its significant practical experience and expertise in the production and use of fermented protein feeds in livestock, poultry and aquaculture, which has been gained by European Protein AS, Denmark, the first subsidiary fermented feed production plant.

Advantageous location of production facilities in the Kyiv region

In 2018, European Protein Ukraine has launched a new advanced plant for the production of dry, fermented high-protein ingredients of the new generation for farm livestock and poultry.

We manufacture our products in full compliance with the highest quality standards. Our production plant is GMP + B1 certified.

The main products manufactured by EUROPEAN PROTEIN UKRAINE, are:

The fermentation of vegetable proteins (soybean and rapeseed meal) with lactic acid bacteria and natural enzymes makes the technology highly innovative.

It is the interaction of microorganisms in the fermentation process that makes the technology sophisticated and gives infinite possibilities. The technology of fermentation with lactic acid bacteria is similar to the production of yogurts, sauerkraut, silage, and the like. Lactic acid bacteria have a high ability to transform long chain compounds, which are partially not digested by many farm animals to form lactic acid. Also, fermentation eliminates the harmful effect of anti-nutrient factors (or ANFs), resulting in better protein intake in animals.

All microorganisms usually tend to be destroyed at the drying or pelletizing stages. EUROPEAN PROTEIN UKRAINE applies in its production process a patented method to retain all healthy active microorganisms in the product. Depending on the type of product, it contains one million lactic acid bacteria and more per gram of protein.

Our protein products have many benefits, including some general denominators common to both types of our products (fermented soybean and rapeseed meals):
  1. Gastrointestinal tract health improvement due to the action of active lactic acid bacteria, low pH and high content of lactic acid;
  2. Better digestibility of nutrients by fermenting vegetable proteins with lactic acid bacteria;
  3. Improvement of appetite and feed conversion as a result of the destruction of ANFs;
  4. Improved resource utilization – lower emissions of phosphorus and nitrates;
  5. Growth of economic indicators as a result of the application of fermented feed.

The right fermentation method is crucial for achieving these benefits.

In addition, the uniqueness of our technology lies in the minimization of antibiotics and zinc oxide, allowing to grow farm animals without the use of antibiotics (“antibiotic-free concept”) and thus improving the economic efficiency of feed use.

Our experience with the practical application of fermented meals proves the possibility of 10x reduction of antibiotics use in pigs and allows to completely abandon their use in poultry farming.

Our specialists will provide professional technical support in the introduction of fermented feed ingredients into your production.

We are deeply convinced that the products of EUROPEAN PROTEIN UKRAINE will not only improve the health of your animals, but will also positively affect the end consumer and increase the efficiency of your business!