About us

EUROPEAN PROTEIN UKRAINE is a team of professionals which brings together the many-year track record of successful work of the Danish and German partners and unique opportunities of the Ukrainian market to offer sophisticated fermented products for the livestock and poultry industry

The company is engaged in the production of high-quality fermented protein feeds. Our products are a good source of easily digestible protein that ensures a healthy balance of intestinal microflora and improves the immune resistance of animals.

Our vision:

Humanity with access to high-quality and safe antibiotic-free food.

Our mission:

Introduction of effective animal farming methods through the widespread use of innovative fermented feeds.

Our products


Fermented soyabean meal

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EP200 Non-GMO

Fermented Non-GMO soyabean meal

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Fermented rapeseed meal

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Fermented rapeseed and seaweed meal

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