EP100 is a functional fermented rapeseed protein. The product supports gut health, immune system development and supplies antibacterial compounds. The product is applicable across species.


EP100i consists of lactobacteria-fermented rapeseed meal. The protein content is 34,5%.

The protein is highly digestible with a low number of anti-nutritional factors (ANF).

The product provides probiotic, prebiotic and anti-bacterial effects.

EP100i contains 6% lactic acid, so remember to optimize your feed and remove added acidifiers.


EP100i increases the absorption of nutrients and minerals and reduces the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus. EP100i balances the gut flora and promotes lactic acid bacteria while eliminating pathogens.

EP100i supports the development of resilient animals through a fully functional immune response and contains anti-bacterial compounds that lower pathogens in the production.

EP100i supports zinc-free and antibiotic-free production.

Our experienced nutritionists will be glad to consult you on feed optimization.

EP100i can be combined with EP200 or EP199 for extra benefits.