EP199 is a functional supplementary protein based on fermented rapeseed meal and fermented seaweed. It supports gut health, development of the immune system, and supplies a range of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds. The use of the product is effective in all types of animals.

Product Description

EP199 consists of rapeseed meal and seaweed fermented with lactic acid bacteria. The protein content is 34.5%.

Protein is easily digested and has a low number of anti-nutritional factors (ANFs).

EP199 contains 6% lactic acid. Remember to optimize your feed and remove added acidifiers.


EP199 improves the absorption of nutrients and minerals and reduces the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus from the body. EP199 balances intestinal flora and promotes the development of lactic acid bacteria while eliminating pathogens.

EP199 improves animal health and resistance to intestinal diseases through the formation of a functional immune response and through the action of antibacterial compounds that reduce pathogens in production.

EP199 increases the milk production of sows and increases the amount of antibodies in the colostrum.

EP199 supports zinc-free and antibiotic-free production.

Our experienced nutritionists will be happy to advise you on optimizing your feed.

For additional benefits, EP199 is used together with EP200 and EP100i.